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Project : Direct Mail Campaign

Objectives : TyrePlus wanted to expand its dealership network using a direct marketing campaign that outlined the advantages and benefits of their program to prospective dealers.  Historically, using magazine advertising and letters to attract leads had proven to be both cost-efficient and effective. However, as the impact of these methods was decreasing, TyrePlus engaged Arikeepa to capture the attention of potential leads by designing a highly a personlised and eye catching mailing piece.

Within the campaign, TyrePlus had specific creative and media objectives that needed to be satisfied. Creatively, they needed the information tool to reflect their brand in the most effective way. They also required the mailing pieces to be personalized and delivered to customers quickly.

Strategy : We designed a mailing piece, which featured a personalized message to each potential new lead. The eye catching design clearly identified TyrePlus as a Michelin owned network. The information tool can be personalized and delivered quickly to multiple targeted markets.

Results : The direct mail campaign has increased leads and each campaign is around a quarter of traditional advertising costs. The information tool design has provided TyrePlus with the flexibility to reach the right customer within the short timeframe. 

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